the pattern is full!

My favorite movie of all time is TOP GUN.  If you aren’t from this planet and you don’t know about Top Gun, it is about a rogue naval aviator nicknamed “Maverick” who is one of the most elite pilots that the navy has ever seen.  It follows him through his time as a student in the fighter pilot training program, nicknamed Top Gun.

Maverick had a habit of “buzzing the tower,” which means he would ask for permission to do a “fly by” and each and every time the tower would answer him with the phrase, “Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern in full!”  Then, despite the negative response to his request, Maverick would fly by the tower and each time the tower commander would spill his coffee as the jet “buzzed” by!


"this is ghostrider, requesting a fly-by"

Well, with this blog, I’m going to pull a “Maverick!”  I realize that the “pattern is full” and there are so many blogs and opinions and thoughts out there that mine is probably something I shouldn’t do, but I’m going to buzz the tower anyway!  I hope through this blog, that you will enjoy my ramblings (or at least humor me) and take my opinions for what they are worth (you get to decide what they are worth!) and maybe you won’t spill your coffee. (or maybe if I make you laugh, you will!)

Sometimes “in my head” will be serious thoughts, sometimes, not so much.  I hope you will take them for what they are and just enjoy!  If you like them then subscribe, if not then go somewhere else!  If you want to respond please do so!

So for now, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride and say in the words of Maverick, “I feel the need, the need for speed!”





One response to “the pattern is full!”

  1. I’ll be checking in here, but will miss you on facebook for 40 days!!

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