March Madness had officially begun!  I love college basketball in February, March and the first weekend of April.  Other than that, I can generally take it or leave it. (except for games like Duke/North Carolina)  I guess you could say that I am a fan but not in the true sense of the word.  The only way I would be a season long fan of college basketball is if LSU was in the top 25 or if Duke wasn’t!  But when March rolls around, I watch every game I can.  As a matter of fact at the moment that I’m typing this, I am doing it to the sounds of Clemson vs. West Virginia!

The word fan is actually short for “fanatic.”  The definition from the dictionary of the word fanatic is… “a person marked or motivated by an extreme unreasoning enthusiasm.”  I can say for certain that I am a fanatic about LSU football.  People all over my little town I’m sure can hear me scream and wail when LSU is giving me a near heat attack at the end of the game!  I am certainly, though, not a true “fan” of this magnitude of college basketball.  I am a seasonal (end of season) fan at best!  The only way I would choose to watch a virtually meaningless (especially to me) basketball game in December or January is if there was no football on or I was being coerced into watching a Lifetime movie!

I ramble on about this simply thinking…is this the way I treat my relationship with Jesus?  Am I a fair-weather fanatic?  Am I a once a week only fan?  Or am I a person marked or motivated by an EXTREME UNREASONING ENTHUSIASM for Christ?  What about you?

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