I have been preaching the last 5 weeks on denying ourselves.  Well, today is one of those days that I will deny myself for my marriage.  I love my wife and because of her, I am largely who I am!  She not only makes me a better person and better dad and better pastor, but she sees me “warts and all” and still loves me!

And while we are on the subject – she truly loves everybody.  I have never known anyone who desires to love people the way she does.  Even the people who, for some reason I never will understand, choose not to love her or accept her love.  She is the type of mom who will sacrifice for her kids simply everything that she has but not at the expense of their character!  She is a teacher who sees that school is more than just about getting grades but it is the place that God has placed her to impact the lives of students and families!

As stated in my previous blog, this month is all about college basketball.  MARCH MADNESS!  It is one of my favorite times of the year and this past weekend I watched so much basketball, you would not believe.  My wife, never complained or asked me to change the channel and when I said I would go in the bedroom so the family could watch what they wanted on the “big screen” she said it wasn’t necessary! (just so you know, this also happens during football season, world series, golf…)

So today, I begin a 3-month journey of watching my wife’s favorite (and really only) TV show!  DANCING WITH THE STARS premiers tonight!  This show is not me, but it is the least I could do because it makes my wife extremely happy!  Love you, babe!  Let’s get our dance on!

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