hatchets, rivers and never-going-to-eat-again hunger

I have read several books with my son Nathan.  Hatchet is one our favorites and its sequel “the River” is as equally as exciting as we are finding out.  In the story of Hatchet, a young boy, Brian is on his way to visit his father and the small plane that he is in crashes in a lake and the pilot of the plane dies.  Brian is left to fend for himself in the wild.
In the sequel, Brian goes back to the woods with a psychologist and no equipment to repeat the same things that got him out of this amazing situation the first time so that he and his methods can be studied and learned from in training agents and so forth.

Brian recalls something to his new friend, David, about his first real survival situation.  FOOD!  Food is everything.  When you are trying to build shelter, fire or survive, you are always thinking about food.  It is the same for all of life, Brian explains…the bears, fish, birds – even the dreaded mosquitoes are all looking for this substance we call food that sustains us.

I went to bed thinking about this.  In the book, Brian talks about not hunger like missing a meal hunger, but hunger when you realize that you are never going to eat again hunger.  Matthew 5 tells us that we are to hunger and thirst for righteousness.  That the Word of God should be my sustenance for life.  The question that I found myself asking myself is…”do I really hunger for Your Word, God?”  Oh sure, maybe I hunger for it like I missed it yesterday, but do I really hunger for the Word of God in my life like I may never eat again?  Is my hunger for the Bible and how it applies in my life and becomes alive and moves me something that is VITAL to my life?

I pray that God’s Word will again become so important to me that I can’t live without it!  Not for sermon prep or for teaching, but for my life!



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