Come Back!

People have been asking about my blog and have been asking me to blog on certain topics.  Today is that day when I will begin to blog again.  One of the topics that I have been asked to address scripturally is the return of a back-slidden believer.  I struggle with this because we are all “works in progress.”  None of us are perfect and assuming the desire to be like Christ, we all need, at times, a way back to the Father in our daily lives.  

This morning in my daily reading, I read Psalm 51 – David’s cry to the Father for forgiveness and mercy for his sin – and I couldn’t help but write about what God taught me! (A lesson I so desperately needed to hear today)

I believe that this Psalm can be viewed as a pattern for the experience of a sinning believer who comes back to full communion and service.  The steps are as follows…

1. Sin is thoroughly judged before God (1-6)  

2. Forgiveness and cleansing through the blood (7)

3. Cleansing (7-10)

4. Spirit-filled for joy and power (11-12)

5. Service (13)

6. Worship (14-17)

7. The restored believer in fellowship with God.

We all need restoration.  We all stray from our relationship with God.  Thankfully He provides the blueprint for making the relationship right!  I pray this scripture helps you.  It helps me!

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