Let Go(d)


I have a really good friend who is always encouraging me.  It is a definite gift that he has.  The above phrase is one of the things that he is constantly telling me.  

It seems simple to “let go” doesn’t it?  It seems like it because it is so obvious.  I mean, I believe that God is bigger than me.  I believe that God can handle my life and any circumstance that I find myself in.  I believe that He loves me and leads me….

The question I find myself asking myself today is “do I really believe all those things or are they just things I that I say?”

Psalm 100:3 says “Acknowledge that “Yahweh is God.  He made us, and we are His – His people, the sheep of His pasture.”

A few things that this verse gently – or in my case today – NOT SO GENTLY reminds me is…

1.   I AM NOT GOD – GOD IS GOD!  I must acknowledge that as much as I think I know best or I think I have perspective – I don’t!  He is in control.  He is God.  He has eternal perspective.  Perfect perspective!  I must begin in my life to quit trying to play God or tell God what is best!  He knows.  He has perfect thoughts and plans for me.  Just because it doesn’t seem that way to me at times doesn’t matter.  HE IS GOD!  So I must acknowledge that.  The name Yahweh means “He causes to be” or “He creates!”  That should tell me right there that simply because of His name, He is in charge of causing all things in my life and creating everything I need or could possibly every dream about!  That verse tells me that HE MADE ME!  He therefore knows me!  He, because He creates me (and you), knows me better than I know myself!  Still need convincing?  Read Psalm 139!

2. I am a sheep – He is the Shepherd!  How dare I as a dumb by nature sheep think I could ever know better or do bigger than the Shepherd!

So in whatever circumstance of life that you find yourself in today, claim this verse – Psalm 100:3 – and heed the sage advice of my friend, Lou – LET GO…& LET GOD!

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