To Mask or Not to Mask…That is the question

Had someone a few weeks ago ask my opinion on mask-wearing and I began to think and pray about it and this is what I have come to for myself…


Masks are uncomfortable.

Masks are a nuisance.

Masks make me feel like a bank robber.

Masks are hot.

Masks probably don’t even really work.

Masks are inconvenient to drinking. (water and coffee cause I know what some of you were thinking)

Masks make it hard to understand people when they talk.

Masks make me look older because my eyes are all you see and my eyes look older than I am.

Masks cover up my beard and I look weird without a beard. (hey, that rhymed)

Masks make me feel like I live in a country where everybody wears masks.

Masks make fellowship seem impersonal.

Masks make me sweat.

Masks makes me sweat – so masks stink.

Masks make it harder to burp. (don’t burp in your mask, JS)

Masks make it look to some like I have no faith.


The next list will be shorter, I am sure.


Because I don’t know what facts are really true.

Because what if the facts that masks work are the ones that are actually true.

Because other people think they work and I want people to feel safe around me.

Because I live with someone who is “high-risk” and that takes mask-wearing seriously.

Because my parents are older and at higher risk.

Because even though it is an inconvenience, it really isn’t a big deal.

Because my rights as an American don’t supersede my responsibility as a Christian.

Because the Bible (Paul in Romans 13) tells me to submit to the governing authorities that – by the way – are there because God placed them there.

Because loving people who think and react differently than me is important to my witness to them.

Because I am asking others to do it, so I better be doing it.

Bottom line – I have no idea if wearing a mask “works” or not from keeping you and me from getting sick. Those of you who choose not to wear them, I completely understand. I don’t judge you.

If you want to judge me for wearing one, that is cool. I get it. If you want to think I am caving to pressure. I get that, too. If you want to think I can’t think for myself, I honestly understand where you are coming from, but one thing I will tell you. I have prayed about this issue and this is where I have landed for me and my family.

I am not even saying I am right. I might not be. But this is where I land. So mask up or don’t. It is up to you.

I love you either way.

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