Pray for our Schools

I have talked at length right here on this blog about the weirdness of our time. 2020 has been one of those years, hasn’t it? I made the joke the other day that would only land with people who watched the TV show LOST back in the day, that somebody must have failed to input “the numbers.”

As a pastor, this has been one of the most challenging seasons of ministry in my 25 years. From online church, to video content, to limited capacity, to mask issues…I am so thankful for those who have prayed for me and all of us as pastors during this time. Those prayers have definitely been answered. God is faithful like that.

Today, I want to call on you, my friends, to pray for and lift up regularly our school administrators, teachers, coaches, teacher’s aides, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, technical directors, students and anyone else associated with schools.

This year – especially this first semester – is going to be challenging like never before. I live with a teacher and I can attest to the fact that the stress is real. The unknowns are real. The risk is real. The love for students is real. The desire to “just teach” is real. The fear and anxiety is real.

It is about “the virus.” It is about not being able to see ALL their kids EVERY day. It is about the added stress of working in a classroom and working and teaching virtually. It is about not being able to do things the way they are used to. It is about wearing masks to teach. It is about their minds being focused on more than just students and lessons.

It is strange. It is going to be hard. We need to pray for those involved in our education system.

We already know that they outwork their pay. They already take much of their work home with them. They already go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of kids.

We also know that they are above average in response to difficult situations. They proved this on a daily basis BEFORE the pandemic but they proved it even more once the pandemic hit and schools were let out. They created zoom classes on their own and met and kept up with their kids. They agonized over not being able to see them daily. They showed us what heroes really look like.


I know He can. I know He will. So I am asking you to join with me in committing to pray for our school folk. Especially those making decisions and those in the classroom. They need the prayers, they need God to work for them and through them. They need people like us standing in the gap for them. They need encouragement.

Will you pray with me for them? I want to close this blog with a prayer for them taken directly from scripture.

Psalm 91. Let’s pray.

Father, I pray for our teachers now. I pray, in the name of Jesus, that you will be with all of our schools, our faculties and staff as well as students and parents. I pray for wisdom and protection.

“Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. God you alone are their refuge, their place of safety; you are their God, and we pray they will trust you…Lord, we pray that you will be their refuge and their shelter so that no evil will conquer them and no plague will come near their home. Order your angels to protect them wherever they go…We know you say, ‘I will rescue those who love Me. I will protect those who trust in My name.’”

Lord we pray that each teacher will know You, know Your presence and Your protection as they begin this school year. May they be protected. May You be glorified!

We love and trust You. Amen.

Please commit with me to pray daily for our teachers and school workers.

Live on Purpose.

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