Glancing in the Rear View Mirror

I know we are all ready for 2020 to be behind us. It seems that this year yielded struggle after struggle. It is good to look forward. We definitely should spend more time looking in front of us than behind us.

It is kind of like driving a car. You have a windshield and you have a rearview mirror.

Which one is bigger?

The windshield is bigger which means that we must spend more time looking out the windshield. That is how we navigate safely down the road.

The rearview mirror is certainly smaller. We don’t spend enormous amounts of time looking into it. If we did then we would ignore the windshield and miss where we were going and what was in front of us. We’d crash.

BUT…we do glance in the rearview mirror from time to time because knowing what is behind us, helps us navigate what is in front of us. Glancing back can be valuable.

So before you completely move on from 2020, let me encourage you to glance back and see what you have learned. Maybe make a list of some important things that God has taught you that just might be valuable to you moving forward.

Solomon talked about the value of time in Ecclesiastes 3. You might recognize much of it as a song performed by the Byrds called Turn, Turn, Turn. In this writing, Solomon says that there is a time for every thing that happens under heaven.

THEN he makes this statement about all the things that happen…

“I know that all God DOES WILL LAST FOREVER; there is no adding to it or taking from it. GOD WORKS SO THAT PEOPLE WILL BE IN AWE OF HIM. Whatever is, has ALREADY BEEN, and whatever will be, already is. God repeats what has passed.” Ecclesiastes 3:14-15

The things that “happen” are under the sovereignty of a holy God who is always working to bring glory to Himself! He is working and allowing things so that people will be in AWE of Him! He is not surprised by anything – man, I am so glad.

So I am looking forward through the windshield to the new things God is going to do in 2021.

BUT, I also want to pause and take a glance in the rearview to be reminded of what God did even when the road seemed to hit detour after detour.

Some of those things I am looking back on...

I learned that quarantining with my wife isn’t so bad. She didn’t kill me :). We actually enjoyed it.

I realized how valuable personal relationships are.

I realized how valuable my church family is in my life.

I learned that the church is MUCH MORE than an hour on Sunday.

I learned that people respond to adversity differently – from different perspectives – and respecting their view does not mean I have to see it like they do.

I learned that teachers are AWESOME!

I learned that fear can rob joy.

I learned that sometimes I need to shut up and listen to others.

I learned that having a calling doesn’t mean you just go to ministry.

I learned that racism is still real today and I can play a part in ending it.

I learned that the faith of a child is what it takes to enter the kingdom of heaven. (My granddaughter accepted Christ as her Savior)

I learned that even when the world is dark, there is always a little bit of light. (My other granddaughter was born during quarantine)

I learned how to do my “job” differently than it has always been done.

I learned a bunch of stuff, I could probably go on and on for a long time. But you get the point. You have a list like this too. I know it.

SO take a glance in the rearview mirror as you move into this new year. See what God has taught you and how He is bringing Himself glory.

Live on Purpose.

One response to “Glancing in the Rear View Mirror”

  1. So true! Thank you for this reminder.

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