About Kevin

Kevin is married to Nichole.   Kevin serves as Campus Pastor at North Church Bastrop which is the Bastrop Campus of North Monroe Baptist Church in Bastrop, Louisiana.  He has served in ministry for 24 years in Louisiana, Mississippi and California as Student Pastor, Associate Pastor, Lead Pastor and Campus Pastor.

Kevin and Nichole have two kids, Nathan and Mary Beth.  Nathan is a graduate of Beekman Charter High School and is currently pursuing his nursing degree at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.  Mary Beth is a blogger and speaker and an active part of her husband Dylan’s ministry to students at their church.   An added blessing to the family is Annabelle Rose, their granddaughter and they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Annabelle’s sister, Rori.

Kevin’s passion is helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ.  He does this by serving in the church, writing, speaking and helping people learn how to study and apply God’s Word to their lives.

4 thoughts on “About Kevin

  1. Kevin… A God lovin’ man teachin’ and preachin’ in God’s country -the Eastern Sierra Nevada. Hang in there keep up the great work!

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