Glancing in the Rear View Mirror

I know we are all ready for 2020 to be behind us. It seems that this year yielded struggle after struggle. It is good to look forward. We definitely should spend more time looking in front of us than behind us. It is kind of like driving a car. You have a windshield and youContinue reading “Glancing in the Rear View Mirror”

What if the Church…

This post is not about politics. This post is not about issues. This post is not about Presidents or President-Elects. This post is about the CHURCH. What if the Church would do what Jesus commanded us to do? Matthew 28:18-20 “18 Then Jesus came near and said to them, “All authority has been given to Me inContinue reading “What if the Church…”

Discouraged? There is HOPE!

I was asked this past week if I was discouraged. The honest answer to this question is: yes. It is a weird time to be a pastor. I have been in ministry in churches since around 1995 and I have never experienced the things that we are going through now. The struggle to balance decisions,Continue reading “Discouraged? There is HOPE!”